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Ice Machine

Before selecting an ice maker decide what kind of ice is needed. The three main kinds of ice are shaved or flaked, cubes, and chunklets, pellet ice or nugget ice made popular by Sonic Drive-In. Shaved or flaked ice is made when a thin surface of ice forms on the inside of a cylinder and an auger system removes the ice from the cylinder. This is 40-60% true ice, has more surface area, less total cooling effect, and will dilute the beverage.

Cubes are nearly clear, are available in a variety of configurations, and are produced by freezing the ice with a refrigerant in coils and then releasing the ice by introducing heat to melt the perimeter.

Chunklets, pellet, nugget ice are made by first producing shaved ice then squeezing the water out to make a product that is 90% true ice. The efficiency of all ice machines and the volume produced within a given time are closely related to the temperature of the room and the water being used.

Increased temperature of either the room or water decreases production. Polyurethane foam is one of the more effective insulations used in ice machines for it is space saving, rigid, and efficient. Fiberglass storage bins with contoured corners are durable and easy to clean. Thermostats should be at the top of the storage bin so that production automatically shuts off when ice builds up to its current capacity level. Specify the size of the compressor and electrical characteristics. Water-cooled units make a larger volume of ice per hour than Atosa air-cooled machines but are more expensive to operate.

The production rate and the storage capacity will depend on the size and number of servings needed in a period of time. In general, 2 oz are considered to be a standard portion, but if water pitchers are being filled, a larger volume is required. Calculate needs on peak demand in relationship to storage capacity and hourly production. Avoid comparing the 24-hr production volume to the 24-hr usage because few if any facilities have constant demand. Some facilities prefer to put an ice dispenser on the serving line and to locate the ice maker in an out-of-the-way space. This is particularly true in a facility where a large unit is needed or where ice is needed in several locations. A big advantage of an ice maker-dispenser combination is the elimination of unsanitary hand dipping or scooping of ice.

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