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Commercial Refrigeration for Your Restaurant

Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer Designed for Restaurants and Foodservice

Commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers are designed and styled to meet many specific preserva­tion and operational requirements of restaurants and food service establishment. They must be selected for a specific purpose that will form an integral part of the flow plan. Sinks, ranges, ovens and other equipment are purchased to perform definite functions. Refrigerators and Freezers must be selected on the same basis, so that they will "go to work" for the restaurants menu. It should also be kept in mind that refrigeration is a continuous function, working 24 hours a day, every day of the year; thus reliability and utilization are major considerations.

The commercial reach-in refrigeration comes in two styles:

  • Top Mount Compressor - Top mount compressor refrigerators and freezers work best in bakery kitchen conditions where fry flour ingredients might be spilled and locations where the floor can become dusty. This is because of their low-profile design, which means they don't take up as much space while allowing for side clearance to accommodate spillage or a rolling cart.
  • Bottom Mount Compressor - Have you ever wondered why the kitchen for a restaurant feels so much like summer in the middle of winter? One reason is because when convection ovens, ranges, deep fryers and griddles are used it becomes very hot and humid. This makes sense since these devices are creating heat to cook food. But what about all that cold ground air getting pulled into your refrigerator and freezer? The bottom mount refrigerator and freezer is a great energy-efficient model. This type of commercial refrigeration pulls cooler ground air into the compressor, which makes it very efficient. Just make sure that you put your commercial refrigerator in an area away from flour and oil as these substances can cause damage to the coils and fins on this style of appliance.

Both styles are available as refrigerators, freezers, and drink coolers and combination dual-temperature units Walk-in types follow the box construction for the most part. The reach-in, or "work-horse" of the food service field, is manufactured to handle heat and humidity.

Reach-in Refrigeration

Reach-in refrigeration has been designed to fit a specific need within a restaurants kitchen. Since styling is varied, reach-ins are more than just storage boxes. They have been designed for complete utilization as adjunct members in the production system.

The following are a number of reach-in models in current use: under-the-counter, work-top, counter top dis­play cabinets, sandwich prep tables, pizza prep tables, back-bar units, and standard upright models.

Atosa Refrigerators and Atosa Freezers are manufactured in sizes ranging from counter-top units to models with 65 cu. ft. of storage capacity.

The upright refrigerators and freezers are generally 81 inches tall, 32 inches deep and in various widths. They are equipped with single, double or triple doors.

Various layouts are possible, so that a straight line production system can flow through the refrigerator on to the preparation section. Another example of an in-line production refrigerator is the under-the-counter drawer unit, placed below the counter or under equipment. It provides instant, on-the-spot storage. These units can be placed below fryers, griddles and salad preparation sections.

Sandwich Prep Table and Pizza Prep refrigerators save labor and eliminate interference by providing access of two working areas simultaneously. These units become the focal point in a modem fast food preparation center.

Sandwich and Salad Prep Table Portion Control Refrigeration Systems

Fast casual restaurants involve the use of equipment that will facilitate product movement. Refrigerated storage designs have kept abreast of these restaurant needs, and many novel and efficient models are being manufactured to meet the needs of this segment of the program.

Refrigerated Sandwich/Salad Prep Table

Atosa Sandwich Prep Tables and Atosa Pizza Prep Tables storage systems have been devised for made to order fast casual foods like sandwiches, salads, pizza, and hamburgers. These refrigerated prep table are known as refrigerated  storage receptacles; they employ modular containers and pans. Equipment and accompanying accessories permit stacking and storage of all sizes of pans in layers on adjustable sliding devices. They are designed so that the bottom of one container will not press on the food of the container under it. Other advantages include provisions for labeling each tier with the name of the food and the date; removal of food without the necessity of disturbing other pans; and optimum use of refrigerated space. Odd-sized pans can also be stored in an orderly fashion by adjusting the height of the slider. The one-half, one-third, one-fourth and other small size or fractional pans can be stored without danger of their tipping or getting lost in the rear. In fact, any pan size can be conveniently stored in portion control refrigerator systems.
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