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Keg Cooler

Did you buy a bar? If the keg cooler for tap beer is in place, it may be wise to continue its use. The profit on keg beers is huge. Some think the sight of pump handles on a bar is a little down-market or unchic.

Again, it's the boss's decision and you should start looking for a new job if he or she does not understand the profitability of kegged beer or bar refrigeration.

Once in a while you'll have to pay to have the pipes cleaned out. It's many years since, in a freak accident, a metal spigot blew from the keg and killed a poor bartender stone dead. The apparatus is now much simpler, but the keg must be connected to the pipes properly. All that hissing can be a bit unnerving, but if you follow the instructions, which should be prominently posted in your beer cellar, there's no problem.

Make sure your supplier shows you exactly how to connect it, and pass the information on to as many others as you can. Make sure you understand exactly what delivery entails. The keg should be delivered inside the building right down to the place where it's connected. If it isn't, you're in trouble, because those kegs are dangerously heavy. Just to cover yourself against occasional hitches, you should be assured, also, that any difficulties in tapping or connection will be attended to by the beer suppliers. In the majority of cases, the delivery man will take care of everything without a murmur, have a drink on the house (possibly one of many in the course of a day), and depart in peace. But sometimes they're neglectful. Don't get the kegs mixed up. Trying to tap a keg with a line designed for a different attachment can be messy, particularly if you achieve a halfway fit, which will mean endless leaking and hissing. 

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