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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Restaurant Kitchen Production

Fast food production facilities should be designed with maximum productivity in mind for mobility. It has the qualities of a kitchen with prep tables, which will be further explored.

Restaurant Equipment Financing

Restaurant Kitchen Production

The production area of a fast food, convenience-oriented feeding establishment must be designed and equipped for maximum productivity and mobility. The production facilities should be constructed in a minimum of space without crowding. Management personnel who have been trained in conventional or traditional modes of restaurant operations often view the preparation facilities of a fast food organization as being kitchen-less. As the tenets of this field are explored and developed, it will become apparent that fast food and convenience preparation centers sandwich prep tables, prep tables, and  are far from being kitchen-less. These areas retain all the characteristics of a kitchen, but instead of traditional equipment, they contain new forms of food-preparing devices which enhance production by generating a systematized and efficient flow of activities.

Instead of the kettles, ranges, ovens, power meat saws, choppers, mixers and a variety of pots, pans and utensils usually found in traditional facilities, items such as microwave, infrared, and convection ovens are used to cope with the handling and preparation of convenient and convenience foods. Personnel accustomed to the conventional type of kitchen describe the array of new equipment as highly sophisticated and specialized. These ideas deserve merit, the traditional kitchen must be fully equipped and adapted to perform many preparations and cooking procedures, from the uncooked ingredients through the many steps required for preparing the finished product. In the fast preparation center, only a few specific units of equipment are necessary for production of a major portion of the food preparation is performed elsewhere.

Problems of Equipment Availability

Since we are dealing with a relatively new field of food preparation in ghost kitchens and food delivery services door dash and grubhub the problem arises as to which heating device or other form of equipment will be best suited for a given operation. At the present time a great deal of controversy exists regarding the most logical approach to this pressing question. Developments within the equipment industry are moving ahead rapidly. As new ideas are formulated and new models fabricated, older modes of preparation become obsolete, even though the latter may be of recent origin. This situation has resulted in a fragmented equipment industry with little progress towards standardization.

In The Restaurant Warehouse restaurant equipment blog and store, solutions to these problems are developed, since it is now realized that no one piece of equipment can perform all the chores required within a fast food preparation center. Some foods require dry heat, whereas others call for a moist, hot temperature atmosphere. A convection oven may be for high volume production, while the same food, served as an individual entrée, can be efficiently prepared in a microwave oven.

In light of these problems, food service personnel must acquaint them-
selves with the limitations, advantages and specifications of all equipment that
is presently available for fast food service. In addition, the proper approach to
the selection of equipment is predicated on the type of service, the extent of the
menu, and the availability of space.

Guidelines for the Selection of Equipment

When consideration is given to the task of selecting production equipment,
the job will become easier and be performed in greater depth if some way is
available to compare the merits of one manufacturer with that of another. As a starting point, the following guidelines have been developed for this purpose:

  1. Will the equipment function properly without frequent breakdowns?
  2. Does the equipment need constant adjustment?
  3. Is the equipment designed within the physical limitations of the employee?
  4. Will the entire production system cease to function if one piece of
  5. equipment is out of order, so that two may need to be purchased?
  6. Are the methods and procedures designated for the equipment easily
  7. understood by the employee?
  8. Are the methods and procedures efficient and practical?
  9. Are the preparation processes completed at the proper time?
  10. Will the equipment perform the functions that it is intended for?
  11. Can the equipment be easily cleaned and sanitized?
  12. Is the equipment the correct size for the operation?
  13. Is the equipment necessary or will it duplicate existing units?
  14. Can performance and reliability be checked with other users?
  15. Is the equipment too costly, so that labor savings, if any, will be offset by the money invested in it?
  16. Is the equipment safe, or does it pose operational hazards?
  17. Can the equipment be installed economically, without incurring undue installation expenses?
  18. Is there flexible restaurant equipment financing?
  19. Is the equipment movable or mobile so that it can be relocated in conformance with prevailing or future production flow schemes?
  20. Does the equipment carry a manufacturer's guarantee or warranty?
  21. For what length of time? Does it cover labor and parts? Are the manufacturer's service people in your area? Are parts easily obtained? Atosa refrigerators and Atosa Freezers come with a two year parts and labor warranty and a five year compressor warranty. Atosa 

The Kitchen of Tomorrow is Todays Ghost Kitchen

Every year at the National Restaurant Association Show, there are dramatic exhibits was displaying depicting the kitchen of tomorrow—today. It was complete in every detail and well defined. The exhibits features natural gas, propane and electricity of a fast food convenience preparation center and restaurant equipment.
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