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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Restaurant Equipment

New Restaurant Equipment

If you take over an existing restaurant, as is likely, you may inherit an amount of basic equipment. It isn't free; you paid for it. You may reject it, of course, in favor of new equipment of your own preference. But you may still have to pay for it. There are considerable savings to be made from using inherited equipment, even though it may sometimes look depressingly old and decrepit and quite out of sympathy with your brave new hopes.

Many a restaurant boasts a shiny Espresso machine bought secondhand ten years ago, still going strong, having paid for itself several times over and yielding a handsome profit ever since. This is increasingly a good profit item, even though making espresso and cappuccino is a difficult job, unpopular with the waiters and waitresses. Brand-new machines can be expensive. A practical eye is required,

A commercial freezers is a freezer, as long as it works, whether it's brand-new or 20 years old. A refrigerated storage room, called the "walk-in box," used to be standard requirement and, again, if it's serviceable, why replace it at considerable expense? In this age of disposable items, where there's always pressure from suppliers to replace existing equipment with new, a lot of bargains are overlooked.

Any old commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment that proves unreliable and beyond cheap local repair, however, should be replaced promptly. A breakdown on a Friday night could result in a great deal of lost sales, wasted food including expensive items such as shrimp, lobster, and fish by the time the mechanic arrives on Monday morning.

You may discover that the comforting words 24-hour service don't really mean much after all, as you encounter the disembodied voice on the answering machine, or the harrassed manager who isn't quite sure where the repairman is, but will have him call the minute he shows up.

Servicemen don't come cheap, either. The standard gas range with its large oven, gas burners, and grill is another item often inherited, and science has done little to improve the basic design since it was invented. They can get very dirty, but that's often the only problem. Some would say the older the better, because they're made more solidly this might be true with pots and pans, but not with a commercial refrigerator.

Are you a budding restaurateur with no flair for mechanics or machinery? Do you have as a friend who really understands refrigerators, air conditioners, pipes, toilets, stoves, gas, and electronics. It might be well worth a few few free meals if your friend is able to help you salvage a few dilapidated pieces of restaurant equipment.

Brand-new equipment used to be the most expensive kind and there are a lot of sellers of restaurant equipment who would like you to pay top price for new restaurant equipment.

New Restaurant Equipment at Used Prices Restaurant Equipment Prices - FREE SHIPPING

The Restaurant Warehouse offers free delivery on all Atosa USA restaurant equipment. Atosa is the leading brand NSF rated in commercial refrigeration and cookware. Atosa USA offer a highly durable and efficient performance in any commercial environment.
  • Free Shipping in the continental United States
  • No lift gate fees
  • Available financing for purchases over $1,000
  • No lofty down payments required (so you can start cooking today)
  • And no overhead or middleman to cut into your savings 
  • Parts warranty and labor warranty coverage for two years.

Always remember that the menu should influence your restaurant equipment needs.

NSF Rated for restaurant equipment sanitation is awarded to Atosa USA

All propane and natural gas powered Char-Broilers, Griddles, Hot Plates Deep Fat Fryers One year parts and labor warranty. Deep Fryer oil drums Five year warranty. The Commercial Refrigerators, Commercial Freezers, Sandwich Prep Tables, and Pizza Prep Tables come with a two year warranty on all parts and labor warranty. Plus you get a Five year compressor warranty. We offer the option is to finance restaurant equipment. Finance your restaurant and have cash on hand. Budget your payments over several years making less expensive.

My name is Sean Kearney and I own and operate The Restaurant Warehouse my cell/text 206-419-5801 or email I answer emails, phone calls, or texts morning, noon or night.

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