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Sandwich Prep Tables

🥪🧆 Looking for a game-changer in your sandwich shop? Meet the Sandwich Prep Table! 🤩 With its spacious storage and handy compartments, you'll have your ingredients ready to rock those mouthwatering subs in no time!

  • True TSSU-60-24M-B-ST-HC 60 inch Mega Top Sandwich

    Original price $15,894.00
    Original price $15,894.00 - Original price $15,894.00
    Original price $15,894.00
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    $5,561.31 - $5,561.31
    Current price $5,561.31
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    True TSSU-60-24M-B-ST-HC 60-inch Mega Top Sandwich Prep Table True 60-inch Mega Top Sandwich Prep Table For over 70 years, True has been an indus...

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    Original price $15,894.00
    Original price $15,894.00 - Original price $15,894.00
    Original price $15,894.00
    Current price $5,561.31
    $5,561.31 - $5,561.31
    Current price $5,561.31
Sandwich Prep Table

Refrigeration prep tables a place to store and prepare ingredients for sandwiches.

Sandwiches are a classic cuisine that everyone can enjoy. If you own a deli, cafe, or commercial restaurant, chances are your chefs end up making sandwiches for your individual customers. In that case, your commercial kitchen needs a sandwich prep table. Look no further than The Restaurant Warehouse, we have plenty of great items at a low cost.

The sandwich was named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

When you are running a kitchen, you have a lot on your plate, literally and metaphorically. You need a restaurant equipment to deal with the hustle and bustle of constant orders. The right new equipment can save you a lot of time when it comes to food preparation and sandwich making. It can be annoying for your cooks to continue running to the refrigerator or other parts of the kitchen for meats or sauces just to make one sandwich. Efficiency is necessary for your kitchen, and you need the right accessories and prep tables to help you succeed. As you're looking for commercial kitchen equipment, The Restaurant Warehouse can help you get new work tables that will aid your restaurant while offering outstanding customer service.

Refrigerated prep tables offer a variety of temperatures from 33 degrees to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you're looking for the best choice for your prep area, look no further than our Atosa Sandwich Prep Table at a low price. A self-contained Sandwich Prep Table with refrigeration and accessories is the most cost-effective way to control kitchen labor costs. A well-designed, durable salad prep table or sandwich prep table gives your sandwich artists easily accessible work and storage space as well as sandwich prep refrigerators with adjustable shelves. These prep tables come in many different sizes and can offer you multiple drawers, stainless steel solid doors, cutting boards, shelves, stainless steel pans, and refrigeration space. Enjoy a work table with a heavy-duty cutting board while storing food in the lower shelves, pans, drawers, and casters behind the open door. This is the beauty and flexibility of our commercial work tables.

A 27" sandwich prep table is perfect for low-volume deli, sub shop, cafe or concession stand.

Not having all the refrigerated toppings, sauces, and meats for sandwiches or salads located in the sandwich prep table wastes time and money. You can't have your cooks running to different carts or food pans for each slice of cheese or to heat one item on the grill. Our Sandwich Prep Tables combine refrigeration equipment, coolers, cutting board space, and a prep station in one accessible, durable model. Check out our offerings for 27-inch, 48-inch, mega top, 60-inch, or 72-inch sandwich prep table.

The Restaurant Warehouse prides itself on providing the best restaurant equipment. As the largest online restaurant supply store, this site offers new and used equipment and wholesale supplies at the best price. You may even qualify for a full warranty or free shipping. Fast shipping is always guaranteed. From your sandwich or salad prep tables to freezers and efficient refrigeration systems to commercial mixers to pizza prep tables to any other foodservice supply needs, we've got you covered.

Sandwich Prep Table 27 inch

Sandwich prep tables offer stockpiling and prep space for sandwich condiments and fixings that should be cut, cut or in any case prepared before use. You or your employees can utilize these units for menu things other than sandwiches, for example, hamburger garnishes, pizza, serving of mixed greens and sautéed food dishes. They can likewise be utilized as administering units for different things, for example, mustards, ketchups, sauces and taco fixings.

Salad Prep Table Refrigerator

Sandwich and Salad prep tables include a prep region on top that gives a strong surface and cooled compartments for sandwich, plate of mixed greens and pizza fixings. A cooler beneath holds stainless steel or polycarbonate hotel pans of food that require arrangement. With sandwich prep tables, container sit level with the cutting board, and with pizza prep tables, hotel pans raise 3 inches to 4 inches over the poly cutting board.

These sandwich and salad prep tables utilize one of two fundamental sorts of cooling highlights: self-contained refrigeration forced air cooling and wrapped divider or conductive cooling. The forced constrained air utilizes one coil that cools the base and rail zone. The base should be at 33 degrees to 40 degrees F degrees, while the top is at 41 degrees F. The commercial refrigeration constrained air units work better in sandwich and pizza shops since one coil oversees two diverse temperature zones.

48" Sandwich Prep Table Used in Delis

Wrapped divider or conductive cooling refrigeration frameworks use copper lines folded over the tank or the nsf rated stainless steel or polycarbonate hotel pan opening, which give thermo move of the cold through the unit's dividers. This makes a cool cover of air over the sandwich condiments to shield it from encompassing kitchen conditions. Because of hotel pans being recessed underneath the colder refrigerated air, the highest point of the food is held at appropriate temperatures.

Mega Top Sandwich / Salad Preparation Refrigerator

Mega Top Sandwich Prep Tables quite often utilize constrained air cooling, yet raised rail tables can utilize either constrained air or wrapped divider cooling.

Pizza Prep Tables

Sandwich and Salad prep table lengths range from 27 inches to 72 inches with somewhere in the range of 6 and 24 hotel pans openings and 2 split evenly in two rows situated from front to back. Pizza Prep Tables are sometimes utilized as a prep table in some restaurants. The Pizza Prep tables are outfitted with 1/3-size pans.

Mega Top Sandwich Prep Table

Mega Top Sandwich Prep Tables are deeper than the standard prep table and commonly have 3 rows 1/6-size container situated from front to back.

Sandwich prep tables are large units with space for many hotel pans, and sometimes a cutting board.

Sandwich prep tables include various setups, which rely upon the producer and application. These units have somewhere in the range of one and four under-counter solid hinged doors and up to eight adjustable racks or drawers that hold hotel pans for capacity. The inside for the most part obliges somewhere in the range of 6 and 15 hotel pans, contingent upon the refrigerated sandwich and salad prep tables size. Most refrigerated tables are fitted in the front with a epoxy cutting board. This gives more extra room to the inside. Since most of sandwich prep tables have sized or back mount refrigeration, the coolers in these units can't hold full sheet container. For this situation, the setup of a raised rail model gives more noteworthy inside stockpiling of sandwich condiments.

Sandwich Prep Table 60 inch

A 60 inch sandwich prep table increases efficiency in a food service establishment by separating storage and preparation.

  • Stainless steel outsides.
  • Galvanized stainless steel backs
  • Stainless steel interior.
  • High-thickness polyurethane cutting board
  • Rack
Solid hinged stay-open and self closing door highlights offer simple access to sandwich and salad condiments. A programmed Dixell digital controller Maintains temperatures between 33°F - 40°F prevents the buildup blended cold inside air in with surrounding air.

72" Sandwich Prep Table

Restaurant equippers brands Fagor, Delfield, Beverage-Air, Hoshizaki, Migali and Beverage Air incorporate a backsplash, drawers, diverse measure thicknesses, Plexiglas fronts, more limited casters, overshelves, distinctive size connector bars for different skillet setups, inside lights, thermometers and pot racks. Administrators can choose for buy pull-out drawers instead of entryways for simpler access, despite the fact that this may diminish inside cooler space.

We have selection of 72 inch tables perfect for restaurants and business.

Other accessible highlights incorporate customizable retires and dish, removable cutting sheets, sniffle watches and morsel catchers. Completed backs in hardened steel or overlay are accessible. A few units permit adding plate slides or making double sided tables. Units with front-breathing components, multidirectional holes and extra vents will run all the more financially and productively.

True Sandwich Prep Table

TPP true tssu-48-12 2 Door Sandwich and Salad Prep Table, True TSSU-72-18 3 Door Sandwich and Salad Prep Table come with Free Shipping.

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