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Draft Beer

The Kegerator brand has gained immense popularity for its range of keg coolers and draft beer coolers. It has become synonymous with these products in the market. When it comes to your keg cooler, you have a variety of options for draft beer to choose from. Each type of beer has its own distinct characteristics that make it unique and enjoyable. Beer is an incredibly versatile alcoholic beverage, coming in different forms such as transparent, cloudy, or opaque, and offering a spectrum of colors to please the eye. Beyond appearance, beer is also known for its aroma, which can range from floral and hoppy to malty and earthy. The flavor profiles of different beers vary greatly, catering to various tastes and preferences. Additionally, the mouth-feel of beer plays a significant role in the overall drinking experience, with some beers being light and crisp while others are full-bodied and creamy. Lastly, the strength or alcohol content of beer can differ significantly depending on the style or type chosen. All these factors contribute to the diverse world of beer that can be enjoyed with your Kegerator keg cooler.

Different Types of Draft Beer for Your Keg Cooler

Beer, a fine liquor drank throughout the ages. This fine liquor can be transparent, cloudy or opaque. Another characteristic of this fine intoxicating liquor is that it is produced in different colors. Some distinguishable qualities of beer are its aroma, flavor, Mouth-feel, and strength. Below are the various types of beer and their varieties.

  • Stout This type of beer is usually dark, thick and rich, and its alcoholic content is high. It has a smooth mouth-feel. Examples are Guinness, imperial stout, Rasputin, chocolate stout, etc.
  • Lager This is often lighter in both color and flavor. What makes Lagers stand out with an effervescent quality is its carbonated feature. Examples of Lagers are, Perroni, Negra Model, foster’s Sapporo.
  • Weissbier This type of beer is whitish and are brewed in the Bavarian style and is known for its sweet taste. This taste is as a result of using malted wheat in replacement of barley and doing this produces a strong beer. This type of beer is Blue moon, boulevard Hoegaarden, shock top, etc.
  • Pilsner This is a light and refreshing beer. Pilsner has an identifying mark which is a crisp body with a light color and is taken even in hot temperature. Examples of this fantastic beer are bitbuger, Spaten pils, harpoon pilsner, becks, etc.
  • Ale Ale is a beer that is made from malted barley, and it is made in various types such as cream, pale, and in different flavor. The varieties of ale include red tail amber, Sierra Nevada pale, Bass Newcastle brown.
  • Porter Porter beer is also like a stout with delicious taste when drank. Varieties may include Mayflower, Butte, Fuller’s London, duck rabbit, etc.
  • Bock This type of beer is one of the strongest and sweetest beer. It belongs to the beer lager family and lighter than the other darker types. Some varieties include Anchor Bock, St. Nikolaus, great lakes Rockefeller, Sam Adams winter lager, etc.
  • Lambic This type of beer may be unknown, but connoisseurs enjoy it as a result of its fantastic and speedy state of fermentation which produces a dry and cider taste. Varieties of this type of beer are Cantillon Rose De Gambrinus, Linderman’s framboise, etc.
  • Malt Liquor This fine type of beer belongs to the family of lager beer and has a smooth and fine taste. King cobra is a variety of this type of beer.
  • Kölsch This fantastic beer is alone in its family because of its defined method of production, and it becomes fermented in cold areas. It has a pale and clear color. It was originally produced only in Germany, but recently, it is also produced in America. Varieties include Gaffel, Alaskan summer, and harpoon summer.

Beer is not just a drink, it's an experience that brings people together in a unique way. From its humble beginnings to the diverse range of flavors available today, beer has evolved into a beverage that caters to all palates. Each sip unveils a world of possibilities, with different styles offering distinct colors, aromas, and tastes. Whether you prefer a crisp and refreshing lager or a bold and complex IPA, there is a beer out there that can satisfy your cravings. Exploring the vast array of breweries and craft beers can be a delightful journey for beer enthusiasts. With each new brew, you embark on a tasting adventure, discovering nuances and subtleties that set each beer apart. The artistry behind brewing is truly remarkable, as brewers masterfully blend ingredients to create beers that captivate the senses. So next time you raise your glass, take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship and passion that goes into making every sip of beer an exceptional one. Cheers!

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