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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Pizza Prep Tables

🍕🔪 Get your pizza prep game on point with our top-notch pizza prep tables! 🍅🥦 Our tables are designed to streamline your pizza-making process and keep everything organized. 🍕🔪 Boost efficiency and make delicious pizzas in no time! 🚀🍕😍

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Pizza Prep Table

Atosa Pizza Prep Table

Are you a true pizza lover who's ready to take your dreams to the next level? You've done your research. You road-tripped to New York City and tried dozens of hand-tossed, thin-crust slices. You hit Chicago and sampled the hearty deep-dishes loaded with cheese and chunky tomatoes. You investigated the thin crust of St. Louis and the rectangular extra thick and crisp Detroit style sourdough. At this point, you're an expert.

Pizza Prep Table for Sale

Now it's time to build your restaurant and commercial kitchen to start selling your own state-of-the-art pies. You've got your commercial ovens, refrigerated pizza dough retarder table, refrigerators, and pans at the ready. You have experience honing your craft, whether that be cooking at home, working for a big chain, or experimenting at the local mom-and-pop restaurant. But there's one last piece to the puzzle that you can't forget: your pizza prep tables.

Commercial Pizza Prep Table

Building the perfect pie takes a lot more than just an oven. You need space to roll the dough, set up the pans, put on the toppings, and build your masterpiece. A pizza prep table is the perfect place to do your preparation. You need durable pizza tables are equipped with plenty of accessories, shelves, and cabinets. The Restaurant Warehouse's stainless steel work tables come in a variety of sizes and can provide everything you need for your pizza prep. With built-in refrigerators, you have storage space to keep your toppings and sauces at a safe temperature. You'll also have food pans, casters, and condiment pans underneath in the cabinets. Your cutting board sits on top of the prep area so you can work easily and efficiently. Everything you could possibly need to create a great pizza will be available in your cart and at your workspace. These accessories and durable commercial prep tables can help make your kitchen more efficient overall.

Compare to Beverage-air Pizza Prep Table and Save

The Restaurant Warehouse offers and pizza prep tables with backsplash, no drawers and speed raised rail, pan capacity with accessories in multiple configurations and with different cubic feet measurements. Get free shipping on your pizza prep table, sandwich and salad table with spacious capacity for all your needs.

Pizza Prep Fridge

With a large catalog of pizza prep units, The Restaurant Warehouse prides itself on providing the best restaurant equipment for you. As the largest online restaurant supply store, this site offers new and used equipment and wholesale supplies at a low price with full reliability. You may even qualify for a full warranty or free shipping. Fast shipping is always guaranteed. From your sandwich or salad prep tables to freezers and efficient refrigeration systems to commercial mixers to pizza prep tables to any other foodservice supply needs, we've got you covered.

44 inch 9.7 cubic feet Pizza Prep Refrigerator with Free Shipping

44 inch 1 door pizza prep table refrigerator has a refrigerated compartment that is a smaller table and is perfect for pizzerias that have limited space and are looking to offer the standard toppings like mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, and maybe some special topping that is a signature to your restaurant. Have you every tried pepperoni and pineapple. Yes, I said pepperoni and pineapple and not Canadian Bacon. The unit also features a front breathing unit to help maximize your use of space. Front breathing units are able to put flush against a wall and allows the commercial refrigeration system to work efficiently. Compare to Avantco HC and save.

67 inch Pizza Prep Table offer 18.5 cu of Efficient Pizza Preparation

67 inch 2 door pizza prep table refrigerator and 93 inch 3 door pizza prep table refrigerator are the solution for those restaurants that want to have lots of ingredients to offer there customers. Maybe you want to offer a few different types regional sausage and meats that are freshly grown and sourced. All our pizza prep tables use friendly r290 refrigerant and come with NSF rated stainless steel pans and not the cheap plastic pans found with other brands. The pizza preparation forced cold air refrigeration system, table lift up lid and stainless steel pans are colder and protect pizza ingredients from warmer kitchen and restaurant air. Compare to Turbo Air, Turbo Air TPR-44sd, Beverage-Air, Continental Refrigerator, Kool and save. We also have True-TPP 67d-2 and save. We also have True-TPP 67d-2 in-stock with free shipping.

93 inch 28.4 cubic feet Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table with Free Shipping

All Pizza Prep Tables, salad prep tables, and make tables come with pre-installed castors. I offer stainless steel work tables that are Intertek ETL Listed and NSF compliant restaurant equipment to North American product safety standards and required sanitation standards. Restaurant equipment electronic parts are CE certified.

Shop the New Offers Sale on Prep Tables with Free Shipping

In fact, here's what you can expect Free Shipping and Free Lift Gate when you buy a Atosa Pizza Prep Refrigerator or Atosa Sandwich Prep Table or any gas grille equipment direct from us.

All of our pizza prep tables, salad tables, commercial refrigerators, and commercial freezers come with a 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. Plus an additional 5 Year Warranty on all compressors. You won’t find that kind of guarantee at these prices anywhere else. Compare to the True MFG Model and Super Deluxe Series and TPP TPR-67SD.

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