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Atosa Deep Fryer Instructions

Atosa Fryer Reviews

With such restaurant gas natural and propane fryer makers and styles to browse, looking for another fryer can be overpowering. Regardless of whether you own a huge eatery, sports pub, food cart, or snack bar, we have the ideal Atosa Deep Fryer to permit you to cook your particular course, starter, or side dish with certainty.

Before operating, make sure to place the unit horizontally by adjusting
bottom adjustable legs.

Cookrite ATFS-40 Commercial Deep Fryer

Lighting the pilot light

  • To ensure thermostat is “OFF” before light.
  • Turn safety valve knob to “PILOT” Picture Below, press down by force and do not.

Atosa Fryer Pilot Light

  • loosen, then light the pilot fire picture below, press and hold knob 30-45 seconds;

Atosa Pilot Light

  • Loosen knob if pilot fire is lighting, otherwise relight and press knob continually.
  • When pilot light burns continually, turn knob to “ON” picture below, without pressing knob.

Atosa Deep Fryer Pilot Light

Cookrite Fryer ATFS-40 

Atosa Cookrite Fryer

Touching off the primary burner

After light the pilot light, turn on the primary fire valve by turning temperature control handle clockwise, touch off the primary burner by the pilot light,

turn temperature control handle to appropriate temperature as per client interest;

Guarantee there are fluid eatable oil or strong shortening in hydro-chamber

prior to light the primary fire;

Don't over the oil level line;

Try not to light the fundamental fire with no oil in hydro-chamber to harm

hardware, even reason extreme mishaps;

Mood killer the valve

Turn temperature control handle to "OFF", douse the fire of the principle

fire burner;

Turn security valve handle to "PILOT", this is in a reserve express, the pilot

light is consuming;

Press down security valve and go to "OFF".


Prior to utilizing the gear interestingly, kindly utilize a gentle cleanser

to wipe it for cleaning. Try not to utilize destructive or abrasives cleanser.

Pour fluid eatable oil or strong shortening into hydro-cylinder, and do

not over the oil level line;

On the off chance that there is shortening, change to the most reduced temperature as shortening

softening to forestall consuming and charring;

Put the searing bin when the temperature arrives at the preset temperature

At the point when you smell unconventional during the time spent broiling in light of excessively high

temperature or an excessive number of debasements in the oil,change or channel oil to address it;

Introduce the coordinated with cooking rage exhauster as per the neighborhood guidelines

of the singe grill;

Make a point to keep the air normal flow in the kitchen.

Note: Each burner spout has been introduced before conveyance, ordinary use

without change however just exchanging gas.

9. Cleaning and Maintenance

The hardware is made by top notch treated steel crude materials, ought to

be kept up with cautiously. Please spotless it regularly for better execution.

Cleaning recurrence relies upon the utilization force. Day by day upkeep can improve

the existence of the heater. Furthermore, the environment factors should likewise be taken into

thought, customary cleaning can guarantee the best proficiency of hardware.

Guidelines to clean apparatus consistently with suggested cleaning

specialists, if fundamental. Clean the internal piece of the hydro-chamber, fryer container, framework and channel oil


1、Pour moderate water and cleanser into hydro-cylinder(do not over the

most noteworthy stature of the oil level line )

2、After blend completely, turn on the fundamental fire burner warming, turn off the principle

fire burner subsequent to warming around 5-10 minutes;

3、Soak the hydro-chamber, fryer container and channel oil pipe in the arrangement

for a while;

4、When water temperature chills off to reasonable internal heat level, wipe the

smudginess of the hydro-chamber inward divider and ignition tube surface with

clean apparel, in the mean time on the fryer bushel, network and channel oil pipe as the

same, don't utilize wire brush or a hard item to wipe surface of the hydro-chamber,

wipe along the heading of metal unique cleaning lines;

5、Finished wipe, turn on oil channel valve to discharging slops;

6、Once again empty clean water into the hydro-chamber to wash.

Clean the gear surface:

In the first place, clean off the residue, oil and buildup on the outside of hardware

with perfect and blended cleanser clothing, second, wipe it's anything but a spotless apparel,

try not to utilize vinegar or destructive fluid cleaning.

Try not to utilize any grating or combustible cleanser to wipe;

Try not to hose down, drench or pressure wash any piece of the cooker;

Try not to utilize rough cleaning matters to wash, even not utilize destructive

- 12 -


Inward smokestack cleaning/support: after utilize 3-6 months or when vital

should clean/upkeep smokestack by the maker or its administration specialist or

a correspondingly qualified individual to stay away from a danger.

Cautioning: Before cleaning, all control valves should be killed. Stringently

adhere to the lighting directions to work again in the wake of cleaning!

Cautioning: Wait for the gear to chill off after the unit has been turned

off before you cleaning!

Remove the gas source as not utilizing;

In the event that the hardware isn't utilized for quite a while, clean the surface by cleaning

it with a delicate fabric and spot it in a very much ventilated region;

Extensively check the hardware essentially once consistently by approved

also, authorized experts;

The item is made of 90% metals, and can not be disposed of all over the place. Arrangement

with it as per the neighborhood codes.


 atosa fryer atfs-75

atosa deep fryer parts
cookrite fryer troubleshooting


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