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Atosa Sandwich Prep Tables

Atosa Sandwich Prep Table

Instead of buying a separate fridge you can place at your preparation table, consider bringing a sandwich preparation or salad prep fridge to your station or opting for a mega-top sandwich preparation table with a refrigerator inside. The Atosa One-Section Mega-Top One-Door Refrigerated Sandwich / Salad / Food Prep Table has many of the features found in refrigeration food preparation counters but costs much more because its features are packaged at an affordable price point. Like its smaller cousin, it is a refrigerator that can be used as a backup for commonly used ingredients.

It is worth noting that this type of restaurant equipment is becoming increasingly popular in grocery stores, with sandwich and pizza prop tables allowing grocery stores to use elite facilities such as stainless steel worktops to offer prepared food at a lower price in their display cases. The Atosa MSF8302GR 48 2-door sandwich and salad table has a stainless steel housing construction that gives it a stylish sheen and protects it from rust, corrosion and tarnishing. The stainless steel construction also allows the Atosas Sandwich Prep table to stand out in busy kitchens with its self-closing door and magnetic seals that ensure cold air is trapped inside the cabinet.

Dining tables specifically designed for sandwiches and salads can speed up the work of the kitchen staff by storing foods such as vegetables, bread, croutons, various meats, prepared salads and sandwiches until you have to put them together for your customers, using trays and drawers that can store ingredients for refrigerators and refrigerators. The preparation table has a built-in work area for preparing any kind of fresh salad and sandwich thanks to its upper compartments that keep ingredients fresh and easily accessible. When choosing the ideal refrigerator for your salad and sandwich preparation, it is important to create enough space for the air flow units, vents and LED compressors.

The preparation station also has a refrigerated base and 1338 cubic feet of storage space to keep additional meat, vegetables and fruit dishes at a safe temperature to serve or add to the available pans. A variety of dishes can be prepared on the sandwich table, including salads, pizzas, burgers and roasts. This preparation table is equipped with standard stainless steel doors that are locked to protect and limit access to food when needed.

Equipped with a stainless steel housing, the Prep Station has a spacious cooling base and adjustable epoxy-coated shelves. The tables with two hinged doors offer sufficient storage space to store the ingredients. The preparation area offers a solid surface for cooling and compartments in which various ingredients for the preparation of sandwiches can be stored on the top of the sandwich preparation table.

It offers the perfect combination of shelf life and accessibility for preparing salads and sandwiches. The table is packed with enough space to accommodate all the necessary components with a storage capacity of 9.7 cubic feet and two adjustable shelves that can hold up to 90 pounds. The cupboard has a robust, custom-made work surface with a cutting board, which makes working on salads or sandwiches convenient.

The door is designed for your convenience and has a self-closing option. The fridge at the bottom provides enough space to store additional ingredients, spices and toppings on the pan. The Restauran Warehouse carries a full line of Atosa Sandwich Prep Tables that out perform True Refrigeration, Beverage Air and Turbo Air preparation tables with widths ranging from 27 inches to 10 feet long and capacities from 65 to 525 cubic feet. There are many models to choose from, but at least one feature you need is a size that fits the price and will earn you the most money. In the upper area of the table there are 8 standard stainless steel pans. The surface of this table is spacious enough to hold 16 pans of size 1 / 6.

With castors up to five inches in length, you will find a good choice for placement in your commercial kitchen. In addition, other supplies can be stored manually, pre-installed or coated with epoxy on a shelf.

Four high-quality 5-inch castors are pre-installed to improve mobility. One way to prevent you from disappearing from this site in the future is to use a data protection certificate. We took as many photos as we could to show you all the sandwich/salad prep table features.

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