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Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight
Restaurant Equipment - Free Freight

Atosa MBF8001 Top Mount One-Door Freezer

Atosa MBF8001 Top Mount One-Door Freezer

Preserve food and save energy with the Atosa MBF8001GR, a sturdy, one-door, wide-range freezer. This freezer is energy efficient and has a powerful Embraco compressor that reduces noise and vibration levels and saves up to 40% more energy than other types of freezers. Its cooling system is self-contained and designed to ensure balanced cooling even in the most demanding environments.

Atosa MBF8001 is a 29 inch one-door freezer that is a great addition to your busy kitchen. This one-door freezer features a top-mounted compressor unit to maintain the freezer temperature and a flexible magnetic door seal to ensure energy-efficient sealing. Atosa upright refrigerators are available with glass or solid stainless steel doors for freezer and refrigerator.

There is a wide range of Atosa commercial refrigerators, such as refrigerators, freezers, cake counters, refrigerators and more, ideal for shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and other retail environments. In recent years, we at Atosa have invested heavily in new state-of-the-art appliances, including commercial refrigerators, freezers and other appliances, to ensure that all Atosa and Atosa refrigerators meet the highest quality standards. Atosa freezers and refrigerators are available at reasonable prices and have a five-year compressor warranty.

Energy efficient cooling for the Australian market comes with robust shelves and strong lockable self-closing doors. Energy Star products offer lower energy consumption than conventional commercial refrigerators and freezers. The ATOSA MBF8001 Freezers is a standard stainless steel door lock that protects the contents of the refrigerator and controls access to beverages and food.

The Atosa MBF8001 and MBF8501 freezers are manufactured to withstand the extremely hot environments of commercial kitchens and restaurants. In most kitchens, a large freezer is just as important as a large refrigerator because of its large storage space. Atosa has one of the most energy efficient refrigeration systems on the Australian market, combining high quality stainless steel to maximise space and reduce energy costs.

The Restaurant Warehouse offers a wide range of ATOSA commercial refrigerators such as refrigerators, freezers, cake counters, preparation refrigerators and much more. Our refrigeration units are equipped as standard with Castor lockable rollers that make manoeuvring easy and clean, as well as user-friendly control panels that ensure precise and precise temperature control, making these refrigerators perfect for large kitchens. The installation of a high-performance Embraco compressor with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 for cooling is a responsible decision for your company.

The design of the Atosa freezer is user-friendly and emphasizes the elegance of your kitchen. The unit is equipped with hinged doors and shelves that are easily accessible and accessible for various items. Maintaining an orderly stock and an easily accessible freezer not only reduces waste and spoiled food, but also increases the profit of your restaurants.

With the Atosa Freezer, you have access to a high-quality look that you will not lack if you get it at your desired location. You also have the assurance that it has a 5-year warranty on all parts and 2 years on the all compressor work. Flexible seals and magnetic strip inserts ensure energy-efficient sealing when using the door interlocks.

Most products are shipped directly from the manufacturer's warehouse to the customer. If no one is available to register for delivery, you will be charged an additional fee, and the freight forwarder will be forced to re-deliver.

If you do not have a raised loading ramp or a forklift to unload your goods from the truck, you will need a lift gate service which is offered for free. The truck driver will place your order on the floor via the lifting gate to your door and you and your staff are responsible for bringing it in.
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