Iceone 1L Single 20" Filter System Carbon / Scale for Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, IceOMatic Ice Machine

$220.00 $165.00

Works with the following Hoshizaki Ice Macines Models: KML-250MAH, KML-350MAH, KML-451MAH, KM-320MAH, KM-461MAH, KM-501MAH, F-330BAH, F-300BAF, F-450MAH, F-450MAH-C, DCM-270BAH. .

Manitwoc Ice Machine Models: S-300, S-322, S-422, S-450, S-500, QF-400, SN-450, SF-400.

Scotsman Ice Machines Models: C0322, C0522, C0330, C0530, CME306, CME456, CME256, CME506, NME454, FME504, AFE400, MDT4F12.

IceOMatic Ice Machine Models: ICEU300, ICEU305, ICE0305, ICE0320, ICE0325, ICE0400, ICE0405, ICE0406, ICE0500, ICE0520, ICE0525, EMF450, EF450.