Eurodib TR02510 Electric Salamander Broiler

Eurodib TR02510 Electric Salamander Broiler


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Eurodib TR02510 Electric Salamander Broiler

A salamander broiler is generally used in restaurants. It resembles a small and oven-like equipment. These broilers contain the opening in front with racks that slide in and out. The broiler uses an intense amount of heat supplied by infrared or burning gas from above. This method is quite similar to barbecue grill cooking from below but contains no risk of leaking fats and juices onto hot coals. Salamander broilers simply cook by keeping the foods at high temperature. There are 2 types of fuels used – gas or electricity to generate the heat. As the broiler produce a heavy amount of heat, it’s important that you use all the heat-resistant utensils (plates and hooks etc.) when using the broiler. Generally, a broiler is half the height & depth of a traditional oven. For having a better view, easy access and control of the cooking process, the broiler is normally mounted on the wall at the eye level. Many salamander broilers can hold a cast iron branding plate, generally used to create that grill marks on meat surfaces.

What is Salamander Broiler

Generally, the salamander broiler’s power is emitted from 2 independently controlled infrared sources (11,000 BTU). The heat is easy to adjust, up to 1850°F (1010°C) is available – choose the right heat for your dish to prepare. With around 215 square inches of cooking space, you can cook “Pittsburgh rare” steaks to crispy chickens, delicately broiled crab cakes etc. The required time is only the half of conventional ovens. The salamander broilers are better than other electric/gas broilers because it radiates a stable heat sheet on the food, transforming the process of cooking far more efficient. For busy, professional kitchens, salamander broilers can be of great help for quicker and more effective than broiling in the oven.

Normally, restaurants use the salamander broiler for a few valuable reasons that apply to any chef. First of all, the high temperature is extremely effective for broiling and searing proteins of meats (beef, chicken, mutton etc.) that give the feeling of a steakhouse meal. Secondly, the heat can be optimized to moderate level for cooking seafood, caramelizing sugar on desserts or melting cheeses. Finally, the most important advantage of all – salamander broilers don’t eat up a big space in the room while preparing the ultimate appetizing food. Overheat allows the foods (meats, chops and other cuts of meat) contain the fats without the risk of flare-ups (caused by fat drops into the heat source). The extreme heat of the broiler also decreases the preparation times which counts as a benefit to professional kitchens during busy periods. For the perfect salamander broilers, you can trust Eurodib, a great cookware producing company.

Eurodib produces some of the best electric salamander broilers and cheese melters approved for usage in both scenarios – fast casual and restaurants. This ensures that you don’t have to install additional safety features that other normal units require. The only requirement this unit holds is that you have to have a proper ventilation system, similar to the any of the pro restaurants. Put the finishing touch of the perfection of your restaurant’s dishes with salamander broilers from The Restaurant Warehouse. They hold a good collection of broilers for both home and business usage. You’ll enjoy the quick cheese melting, browning the top of casseroles or grill meat with the broilers.


Stainless steel structure, durable material, Corrosion resistant and easy to wash. Simple and reasonable structure, easy to manipulate and maintain. High efficient stainless steel burner, pilot standby. Thick stainless steel radiant plate, quick and evenly heating Iron-casted barbecue rack to maintain the thermal inertia. Independently manual control to save the energy. Adjustable rack hanging board, alternative to barbecue gear. Adjustable stainless steel stand.


Eurodib Salamander, heavy duty, countertop, electric, 18.1" x 10.2" cooking surface, dual control, manual timer, independent upper & lower quartz (glass) elements, removable stainless steel crumb tray, removable chrome-plated grill rack, fully insulated, stainless steel with non-slip rubber feet, 10.0 amps, 2400 watts, 208-240v, NEMA 6-15P. cULus, NSF.


Dimensions 12.8(h) x 13.1(w) x 23.6(d) Inches.

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Eurodib TR02510 Electric Salamander Broiler

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