BK Resources BK-WS Water Station, NSF


Water Station

The under bar is the heart of the entire beverage operation. The central part is the pouring station, where you'll find the automatic dispensing unit for carbonated beverages and juices. The system has lines running from individual tanks through a cold plate at the bottom of the ice bin, to push button dispensing head also called a gun. The dispensing head of a multiline hose can dispsense as many as eight different beverages from a single head. Also in the pouring station are bottle wells and a speed rail for placing the most often used liquors and mixers. Blenders and other small bar tools are located in the under bar. Storage needs includes chilling space for some wines and refrigeration for both beer, in bottles and in kegs. An ice makers is usually installed in the under bar. The other option is to have your ice maker in another part of the restaurant and have your ice bins filled. Yes, this is more labor intensive, but you might be limited in space for your sink or glass washer.

Water Station, NSF.

BK Resources BK-WS Water Station, NSF

BK Resources BK-WS Water Station, NSF Spec Sheet