Atosa USA AT721R61-1 Chafing Dish

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Atosa AT721R61-1 Chafing Dish

Chafing dish is a special kitchen equipment not to cook your food but to keep your food hot and inviting. It is typically used to serve a hot aromatic food at buffets, catered events or parties.

Working of Chafing Dish

The working procedure of this catering dish is not as difficult as it seems. Beneath the chafing dish, a water pan is inserted which is heated with the help of an electric source or fuel candle/ alcohol lamp that is present at the bottom of the dish. It will keep your food at an optimal temperature for serving purposes.

The structure of chafing dish is very elegant and durable. It will accentuate the serving display of any food or meal on account of its awesome look. The frame is stainless steel and stable to which a heat resistant handle is attached. A water pan, two burner holders and a shallow food pan of 4 inches which is pre-installed. The smooth and shiny finish looks just like a mirror.

The Atosa AT51363 Round Chafing Dish consists of a round dish, roll-top, 180 degrees lid opening and an outer water pan. The smooth opening and closing of revolving cover, it can stop at 90 degrees and fully opens at 180 degrees. The condensation from inside the cover that occurs due to steam of hot food gradually drips into the water pan. This helps in keeping table dry and clean from water drops.

The outline of the utensil and obviously fine structure enhances the elegance of this finish-mirror structure. The legs are also stainless steel which are easily adjustable. Besides chafing dish, the stainless steel induction chafer are also available that does not need chafer fuel lamp. The reason is that they operate with a modern heating technology.

Shapes and Designs

Atosa Catering Equipment chafing dishes come in different designs and shapes. However, the most common shape is round or rectangular. The shape is dependent on the kind of food that is placed inside the utensil. The rectangular dish is preferred to place main entrees, sides and appetizers inside it. Whereas, if you want to put side dishes, desserts and sauces, you would use the one which is round in shape. The half-round is also used for appetizers and side-dishes.

The oval-shape chafers are usually used for main entrees. Chafing dish is also available in a special marmite shape that specifically fulfills the needs of your delicious soup because soups should be kept warmer to feel people truly intake its aroma and delightfulness. Besides soups, it is also utilized in serving hot liquids like cereals, stew and gravies. The square shaped dish is frequently used in appetizers and other dishes.

In the serving table-top or counter-top, the drop in a chafer is made permanently. This is very useful for one containing a food station and in hotels to produce perfect buffets.

    Product features

  • Stainless steel stable frame and legs.
  • Heat resistant handle.
  • Water pan plus two burner holders.
  • Pre-installed full size by 4-Inch deep food pan.
  • Polished mirror finish.
  • Product description

    Chafing Dish, oblong, roll-top, comes with food pan, water pan, cover, frame & fuel holders, stainless steel construction.

    Spec Sheet

    Spec Sheet Atosa USA AT721R61-1 Chafing Dish