Atosa USA AT51363 Round Chafing Dish

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Atosa AT51363 Round Chafing Dish

    Product features

  • Stainless steel stable frame and legs.
  • Heat resistant handle.
  • Water pan plus two burner holders.
  • Pre-installed full size by 4-Inch deep food pan.
  • Polished mirror finish.
  • Product description

    Economic Round Chafing Dish, round, roll-top, 180 degree lid opening, stainless steel construction.


    13.5(h) x 15(w) x 16(d) Inches.

    Spec Sheet

    Spec Sheet Atosa USA AT51363 Round Chafing Dish

    Is Your Chafer Las Vegas Buffet Worthy?

    If you have experienced attending Las Vegas Buffet or a catered event or party, then you might have probably seen an Enticing Stainless Steel Chafer. This is because it is often used for serving hot foods at buffets. Thus, it is safe to say that caterers use it as it is also quite presentable while still maintaining its purpose. 

    You might have probably been wondering as to how one would be able to use a chafing dish. Well, it is rather quite simple to do it. An electric source or a chafer fuel candle is used to heat the water pan that is located at the bottom of the chafing dish. With this being said, it keeps the food at the best temperature for serving it to the people to eat. There are also Induction Stainless Steel Chafer that does not require the use of chafer fuel. This is because it utilizes a new heating technology.

    It comes in various styles and shapes although you can commonly see those whose shape is either round or rectangular. Moreover, its shape corresponds to the foods that are placed there. For example, the rectangular one is the best for sides as well as appetizers and other main entrees. On the other hand, the round one can be used for desserts, side dished and sauces while the half round one can be used for sides and appetizers.

    There are also oval shaped Stainless Steel Chafer, which is also used for main entrees. The marmite one on the other hand, is used for soups. We all know that soups should be kept warm for people to truly appreciate its taste. However, aside from soups, it can also be used for hot cereals, sauce, stews, gravies as well as other liquids. The square one is used for dish and appetizers while the drop in chafer is installed permanently in the serving table top or countertop. This is perfectly great for those who own a food station and it is also commonly used for creating enticing buffets in hotels.

    The chafer griddle is also a very popular Stainless Steel Chafer. This is because it is the ideal place to keep the food that are already cooked such as sandwiches and pancakes. By doing so, the people would be able to eat them warm, which is perfect, especially during breakfast. With this, the people would surely be enticed and their mouths would surely water, as they smell the scent of food coming from it.

    Well, if you think that it can only hold foods, sides, sauces and gravy, then you are wrong. This is because there is also a Stainless Steel Chafer available for coffee and other hot beverages as well. With it, the temperature of the beverage would surely be right for those who have wanted to take a sip of it. These things state that it is indeed very possible to create enticing buffets with the use of chafers. Therefore, the next time that you would be holding a buffet or an event, it would be a great idea to use it.