A great set of kitchen shears is necessary for every cook. These are very useful for snipping parchment paper, cutting off the tops of bags, and so much more. When compared to scissors, they are like a stronger version of them. And they often cut quicker and more precise than a knife, especially if your chopping abilities aren't the greatest. Whenever you have to snip chives, trim a pie crust, cut canned tomatoes, slice raw bacon, portion pizza, or cut food into small portions for kids, you should reach for your shears.

Fish Shears

Few shears look more ungainly than fish shears blade is lean, serrated, and tapered while the other is broader, sharper, and rounded at the tip yet they gut and fin fish easily Poke the more tapered blade into flesh to make a ventral slit, angle it to follow the fish's contours, then run the blades down its belly and extract the entrails. The narrow tip spears well through flesh while its backwardly angled serration ensures firm grips. Use the shears to sever backbones from heads and tails, through the belly and to re- move the dorsal, anal, pelvic, and pectoral fins prior to poaching and grilling It usually best to cut around both sides of the large dorsal fin and pull it out back to front to re- move both fin and anchor bones, but when skin must remain intact for proper cooking and attractive presentation, shears should be used This is particularly important when preparing a round fish, whose bulging shape makes it impossible for a knife to get near the fin base for a close, clean cut. Fish shears generally measure 9 inches overall and are available only in chrome plated steel.

Poultry Shears

Industrial shears are designed so that the lower blade remains stationary while the upper one moves to exe- cute cuts; the blades are large, non- uniform, and, in some instances, partially spring powered. Shears differ dramatically from scissors, but for kitchen use, only size distinguishes the two Scissors usually measure less than 6 inches while shears are longer. Poultry shears operate in much the sane way as the industrial variety. The lower blade has rear-angled serration to prevent backward slips while cutting slippery raw flesh and a notch to grasp slick legs and wings the upper blade, with its clean, tapered cutting edge, executes most of the shearing as an internal spring kicks the blades part, so that forceful cutting results with the closing effort, The blades bow 20 degrees upward to mirror the mostly rounded contours of chicken, capon, and duck carcasses Fine forged poultry shears range from 9 a little over 10 inches long overall and are available in either nickel or chrome plated Carbon steel or the more durable stainless steel. Be sure hat their handles are textured for secure rip and that they have a pivot screw for pressure adjustment and disassembly and an end catch for safe storage.

Mundial Knife Catalog


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Multipurpose Kitchen Shears

With their strong, sharply tipped blades one serrated, the other tapered-handle tabs, ribbing. and flanged screwdriver heads, these shears are well equipped to tackle ay number of household tasks They have the strength to trim fibrous artichoke leaves ad to divide pulled taffy; sharp tips notch dough, and keen edges cut decorative paper frills. Finning a fish? Serration grabs slippery rays so the blades advance rather than retreat Tabs open pop- top bottles; ribbing creates traction to open jars easily, and the exterior handle heads flip off fitted caps Like knives, shears and scissors are stamped or, preferably, forged in either chrome plated carbon or stainless steel. Unlike knives, they are measured by their overall, tip- to handle length General purpose kitchen shears should be hardy, 8inch stainless steel ones joined by a pivot screw. The length provides two useful, easy to wield, 4inch cutting surfaces and the screw allows cutting pressure to be adjusted and the parts to be disassembled for cleaning and sharpening Many shears offer comfortable, plastic coated handles that aid in gripping.

Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears usually have broad handles and short, sturdy blades that give more strength when cutting. Most of them are designed for both left-handed and right-handed users. High-quality shears have blades made of stainless steel which are connected at the pivot by a screw or, even better, a come-apart joint that allows the blades to be detached for easier cleaning.

Poultry shears were specially made for one purpose: to easily break apart and remove the bones and cartilage from a cooked chicken or other bird. However, they are not the best tool for cutting up a raw chicken, as a chef's knife would provide a more precise result. Nevertheless, these shears can still be useful for cutting through lobster and crab shells, trimming large flower stems, or any other difficult task that would damage kitchen shears or a chef's knife. Poultry shears are usually spring-loaded to provide extra strength, and they have thick and curved blades. Some models also have a notch located near the back of the blade to better grip the bones. If you are looking to buy poultry shears, it is important to find ones that are heavy-duty and have stainless steel blades that are both sharp and strong.