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Santoku Knives

Santoku Knife

Asian Knife

The Santoku knife is a Japanese tool that has become incredibly popular in America. The name "santokus" translates to mean 'three uses' and this blade can be used for slicing fish, cutting meat or chopping vegetables with its relatively straight edge when compared against other traditional shapes such as chefs knives which have more specific functions depending on what cuisine you are preparing. It features an easy grip handle design coupled by lightweight construction making it perfect both at home kitchens where space may not always permit keeping multiple tools like those found within European cutlery sets but also appropriate outside professional environments.


Mundial Knives Catalog

Established more than a century ago by settlers from Germany and Italy with a heritage of making the finest-quality German cutlery, Mundial is now based in Brazil and is one of the biggest producers of professional knives. Over the years, the company has developed into a world-renowned leader in the production of knives, cookware, tableware, and other items. As a premier cutlery maker, Mundial is devoted to providing the most durable knives in the marketplace, as well as the most creative knife designs seen around the world.

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The santoku has been around for centuries and is seen in many cultures. The shape of this knife makes it unique, but also easy to use because its rounder nose can score rather than pierce foods like with other knives on the market today - which means you won't have any trouble cutting up all your favorite recipes! A small blade between five inches long (as opposed to eight) helps make certain tasks easier when cooking; however if we're talking about versatility then think again: while these blades may be more compact than standard chef's knifes...they aren’t nearly as effective at doing heavy duty work such us chopping through large volumes.

The santoku has been a popular choice for many American chefs because it's easier to rock-chop. The rounded nose of these knives can score, but not pierce food and their shorter blades mean they aren't very efficient when cutting large volumes; however if you're new at cooking or just looking into getting better with your skills - the compactness may assurance that this isn’t anything like an issue!

Mundial Knife Catalog

Mundial, which has its roots in the German cutlery industry and is now located in Brazil, has been around for more than a century. It has developed to become a global leader in the production of professional knives, as well as pots and pans, tableware, and more. As the top cutlery manufacturer, we take pride in offering the highest standard of long-lasting knives, as well as some of the sharpest knife designs ever seen.