Planetary Mixer

Atosa Mixers

Atosa planetary mixers are gear driven, have a 3 to 4 speeds and a 1 to 3.75 horsepower motor. As the name implies, planetary mixers feature an agitator that moves around the bowl like a planet.

Planetary Mixers

Planetary Mixer

Atosa planetary mixers come in smaller countertop versions and larger floor-standing models and are among the most popular mixers for commercial kitchens. Planetary mixers are very versatile and are great for mixing: are available in sizes ranging from small 10 quart counter models to 70 quart floor models. 20 qt, 30 qt, and 70 qt models come with meat grinders, cheese and vegetable slicers.

Mixers are available with a bowl capacity of 10 quart, 20 quart, 30 quart and 70 quart. The size of mixer to buy depends on the greatest volume of pizza, bread dough, or cookie dough food that will be needed at one time. The 70 pounds of light/medium pizza dough to be prepared is a good guide; will about fill a 70 quart capacity bowl. 

A table model with a 20 qt capacity planetary mixer is 32(h) x 21.75(w) x 21(d) inches. It is usually placed on a 28 inch stainless steel equipment stand. The equipment stand may be purchased with or without casters; if the cabinet is on casters, there should be brakes to hold it firmly in place while the mixer is being used. A floor model with a 30 gt capacity planetary mixer is 46(h) x 23(w) x 24(d) inches and will occupy a floor space of about 24 inches x 24 inches. Provisions should be made for storing attachments if a floor model is chosen.

Pizza Dough

Domino's and Pizza Hut are two example of pizza businesses that use frozen and par baked dough. Homemade pizza dough from from scratch is your competitive advantage and you should promote that fact. You can attend Pizza crust boot camps at the Las Vegas Pizza Expo. All Atosa planetary mixers come with a  Stainless steel mixing bowl. The atosa planetary mixer mixer bowl is stainless steel and not the cheaper tinned steel which is usually included as a standard item with older and used Hobart planetary mixers. A tinned stainless steel bowl may cost only one-third as much as a stainless steel one, the tin wears off eventually and the bowl must usually be sent away for re-tinning. This means the mixer is inoperative while the bowl is being repaired unless an extra bowl is purchased for use during the repair process.

Planetary Mixers have become commonplace in most food service operations, but even the most experienced cooks should exercise caution to be sure the motor is off before attempting to scrape down the bowl and beater. All Atosa planetary mixers come with a stainless steel wire bowl guard. Safety cut-switch temporarily interrupts power if gears are changed without stopping the mixer. You should also be sure the gear is set at the lowest speed until the ingredients in the bowl have been partially blended

In addition to the bowl the Atosa planetary mixers includes a flat beater, stainless steel dough hook, and wire whip at no extra cost. Hobart planetary mixers do not include the steel dough hook.

The wire whip Is used to incorporate air into light mixtures. It is efficient for blending and whipping but should not be used in combining heavy mixtures. If heavy mixtures are beaten often, a 4-wing or 6-wing wire whip may be needed. A dough hook is used to mechanically knead doughs that require folding and stretching action.

The 70 quart planetary mixers bowl Includes bowl truck with casters for convenient bowl transport, which can be rolled to where the product mix is to be used.