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Knife Blades

Stamped and Forged Blades

Knife blades are either stamped or forged, and the difference in quality and handling is evident in balance, as it is in any fine hand tool.


Mundial Knives Catalog

Established more than a century ago by settlers from Germany and Italy with a heritage of making the finest-quality German cutlery, Mundial is now based in Brazil and is one of the biggest producers of professional knives. Over the years, the company has developed into a world-renowned leader in the production of knives, cookware, tableware, and other items. As a premier cutlery maker, Mundial is devoted to providing the most durable knives in the marketplace, as well as the most creative knife designs seen around the world.

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Stamped Knife

A stamped blade-which is die-cut in a press bearing the basic blade configuration-is lighter and less expensive than a forged blade. Its steel is comparatively thin and flat to allow for stamping and reduced production costs, but the final product after numerous processes including grinding and polishing is a simple, clean-edged tool that is back heavy in the hand. More forward pressure is needed to cut and more forward gripping to compensate for the weighting.

Forged Knife

The better-balanced forged knife begins as a steel blank that is heated to a high temperature, set into a die, and struck with a hammer to form the basic blade. The metal is then hardened through heating to temperatures up to 1700°F and cooled in a caustic chemical bath to contract the steel and make it dense. This produces a brittle blade, so a second heating and cooling treatment relaxes internal stress and makes the blade more flexible. Successive coarse to fine grindings create the taper and impart the desired amount of flexibility. The greater attention creates a heavier, tougher, more front-weighted blade with a distinct bolster, a thick band of steel that lies flush against and perpendicular to the handle.

Mundial Knife Catalog

Mundial, which has its roots in the German cutlery industry and is now located in Brazil, has been around for more than a century. It has developed to become a global leader in the production of professional knives, as well as pots and pans, tableware, and more. As the top cutlery manufacturer, we take pride in offering the highest standard of long-lasting knives, as well as some of the sharpest knife designs ever seen.