Some Ice Cold Fact

Ice Maker

The ideal drinking temperature for ice tea, water, highballs, etc. is between 38 degrees and 42 degrees. Drinks become increasingly flat above 42 degrees. Taste buds are affected at temperatures below 38 degrees, decreasing the full flavor of the beverage.

  • Atosa Full size cubes will cool a drink in approximately 90 seconds. They melt slower, therefore last longer without over-cooling the drink.
  • Crushed ice will drop the temperature of a drink to almost 320 in 60 seconds.

Menu changes and the addition of a salad display bar can add quite a load on an ice machine. The machine production varies by changes of incoming water and room temperatures. An average air cooled ice machine capable of producing 400 lbs. in 24 hours with incoming water at 60 degrees and room temperature at 70 degrees will produce only 335 lbs. in 24 hours, if the incoming water rises to 80 degrees and the room to 90 degrees.

A general rule of thumb for estimating ice requirements in dining areas is 5 full size cubes per person per day. 20 full size cubes = 1 pound. Estimated requirements for cocktail areas, salad bars, etc. would be added.

Full size cubes are 1%" x 1%" x 1%" — half cubes 1%" x 1%" x 5/8" — mini cubes 5/8" x 5/8" x 1%" (Many other sizes and shapes are produced by other manufacturers.) Many health codes require scoops with approved holders in ice storage units.