Commercial Freezers

Commercial Freezers

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It is easy to understand why Atosa freezers are the most preferred option for commercial refrigeration since they offer a top-notch 2-year warranty for parts and labor, and a 5-year warranty for the compressor. An essential factor when buying a freezer is understanding which brand is going to provide assistance in the event something goes wrong with the unit or what type of assistance can be expected if an issue arises. Atosa is well-known for their outstanding customer service.

Stainless Steel Commercial Freezer

In a commercial cooking area, temperatures can become very high, making a reliable refrigeration system a necessity. This isn't only essential for maintaining food safety, but also reducing the temperature of the air around it. This is because the air-cooled commercial freezers send out hot air from its condensers into the environment..

Used Commercial Freezer

Restaurant proprietors have a range of choices when it comes to heavy-duty refrigeration units, depending on the layout of their kitchens. Top Mount compressor freezers are especially suitable for kitchen, bakery, or other foodservice operation spaces that are very dusty from making bread, cookies, pizza dough, or deep-fried breading. A buildup of flour residue and steam-filled oil can cause issues with the evaporator coils in Bottom Mount condenser appliances, potentially resulting in additional expenses for commercial HVAC technicians.

People may not realize that the air in an active kitchen typically stays 15 degrees cooler near the ground than the rest of the room. This is why the Bottom Mount compressor is such an energy-efficient appliance. As long as it is situated away from any flour or oil, the cooler surface air will keep the compressor at a lower temperature and use less energy. Additionally, it is important to clean the fins of a commercial freezer on a monthly basis in order to ensure its warranty remains valid.

Commercial Freezer Upright

On array of freezers might be found in a commercial kitchen, including chest freezers, glass door freezers, undercounter freezers, and worktop freezers. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for a foodservice establishment depends on their individual needs. A countertop fridge or undercounter unit may be suitable for a small restaurant which needs to chill drinks. This may be ideal for a small food truck business that needs to fit a lot of other equipment, such as microwaves, slicers, and griddles, into a cramped

Commercial Freezer Chest

Chest freezers are highly sought after in the foodservice sector. They are ideal for storing items like ice cream and pre-cooked food. Furthermore, they have practical compartments and lids that are lightweight and easy to open. A lot of restaurants take advantage of chest freezers to maintain a large inventory of items.

Commercial Freezer Glass Door

Glass door units are a common type of commercial refrigerator or freezer that many restaurants and food-related businesses use. As well as providing storage for food products, these units also serve as a display case of sorts. This allows chefs to easily view what food items are available and what needs to be replenished. By having this visibility, it helps to decrease the amount of food that goes to waste, as well as the amount of food that is under-stocked..

Commercial Reach-in Freezer

Quality refrigeration equipment is possibly the most essential piece of restaurant equipment needed for food storage in grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, or other foodservice establishments. And while you will also need other restaurant supplies, such as racks, smallwares, prep tables, cabinets, and stainless steel work tables, it's important to keep accessories to a minimum. For example, instead of choosing a display freezer for its accessories, like ice dispensers, choose the commercial refrigeration equipment that best suits your needs and buy ice machines and other kitchen supplies separately.

Our commercial refrigeration appliances, including refrigerant units, are designed to be convenient for anyone working in the foodservice sector. Featuring drawers, simple controls, and a collection of quality components, like coils, a gasket, turbo-air fans, compressors, and heating elements, they are sure to meet the needs of customers. Our sales team also understands the significance of providing excellent customer service and competitive prices to all those in the foodservice industry, something we have learned through our many years of experience.

Atosa Commercial Upright Freezers

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