72 inch Sandwich Prep Table

72 inch Sandwich Prep Table

Sandwich Prep Table

Full-size sandwich prep tables are typically used by restaurants, cafeterias, and mobile food vendors. This type of table is a great choice for those who want a durable and versatile piece of equipment that can be moved from place to place. You might also want a full-size sandwich prep table if you have a large kitchen with plenty of space. With a variety of different configurations, brands, and sizes available today, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your needs. Here are four things to consider when looking into the purchase of a full-size sandwich prep table.

Atosa Prep Table

The Atosa MSF8304 sandwich prep table provides a perfect storage solution for any foodservice operation. The top-reach self-contained refrigeration system is designed to keep the interior of the unit at 32°F to 45°F, with an adjustable thermostat that allows for temperature adjustment. This unit also features galvanized steel back panels that are anti-corrosive and easy to clean. Due to its stainless steel exterior, this unit is also resistant to rusting and staining. The index adjustable shelves make it possible to store different types of items in each compartment, while still providing easy access. The three locking hinged self-closing doors protect your contents from unauthorized access, keeping you safe from potential vandalism. A handy row of casters makes it simple to move this product around with no hassle!

72" Sandwich Prep Table Used

The Sandwich Prep Table is a three-section, self-contained refrigerator at used restaurant equipment price. The unit includes 18 1/6 stainless steel pans for serving sandwiches and salads. It features an automatic lighting and evaporation system, air defrosting, adjustable shelves, and a stainless steel interior and exterior. This unit also comes with a galvanized steel back, casters, front breathing side mounted refrigeration, and automatic defrosting. The unit has a capacity of 32.8 cubic feet.

6 Foot Prep Table

This 3-section sandwich prep table is a must-have for any restaurant, café, or catered event. The unit features an assortment of features to help maximize workflow and minimize employee strain. The top refrigerator section has a reach-in design that provides easy access to your ingredients while keeping them cool and fresh. All three sections within the refrigerator have self-contained refrigeration with 32.8 cu. ft. of space, which is more than enough room for you to store all of your prepared salads and sandwiches in a cold environment without taking up too much space on your kitchen countertop or inside your walk-in fridge. The stainless steel interior and exterior not only provide a modern aesthetic, but also makes it easier to clean up after dinner service has ended. There are adjustable shelves for storage organization on either side of the unit as well as five wire racks on the bottom rack to secure all of your dishes securely in place during transport from your kitchen to the dining room or catering event site. Finally

Atosa Sandwich Prep Table

The Sandwich Prep Table is a three-section, self-contained refrigerator with an 18 pan capacity. The sections are ideal for storing sandwich or salad toppings, or for storing foods that need to be kept frozen. Includes (18) 1/6 stainless steel pans, 33° to 45°F temperature range, (3) locking hinged self-closing doors, (3) adjustable shelves, ventilated refrigeration, automatic lighting, evaporation, air defrost, stainless steel interior and exterior, galvanized steel back. Dimensions: 72"W x 36"D x 66"H.

True Sandwich Prep Table

Whether you're looking to save space in your kitchen or you're just tired of making individual sandwiches, this 72 inch Sandwich Prep Table is perfect for you! This three-section sandwich/salad top reach-in refrigerator has a capacity of 32.8 cubic feet and can hold up to 18 1/6 stainless steel pans. The temperature range is 33°F to 45°F and it includes automatic lighting, evaporation, and air defrost. It also has adjustable shelves that provide ventilation for the refrigeration system. With casters, locking hinged self-closing doors, and an automatic lock with alarm, this unit couldn't be simpler to use.